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The Rouse Law Office is here to help its clients through their legal difficulties. The firm’s principle attorney, James P. Rouse has over thirty-five (35) years of experience helping a wide variety of clients. These clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, families and school children.


Whether you are sued for patent infringement, breach of contract, or divorce, Rouse Law Office can help you. If your right to free speech or religious liberty has been violated or threatened, we can help. Rouse Law Office has successfully helped many clients falsely accused of child abuse or neglect. We have also handled many property disputes, defamation cases, home-schooling cases, and other matters that end up in court.  [view complete list of services]


The Rouse Law Office handles trials and appeals in all state and federal courts. We have represented clients in administrative hearings, municipal courts, and county and district courts across Colorado. The firm also has represented clients in the federal courts in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and the Eastern District of Texas. The Rouse Law Office has argued cases for clients before the Colorado Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, and authored petitions to the Colorado Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.  [view complete list of courts]


Mediation is a cost effective way to resolve disputes without going to court. If you are already involved in a law suit or divorce, the parties can engage in mediation as a cost effective alternative to going to trial. Acting as a neutral third party, Rouse Law Office utilizes the collaborative method of mediation to assist the parties in reaching a resolution of their dispute. By doing so, the parties are in control of the outcome of their dispute and may be able to fashion a resolution that is acceptable to both of them and one that may give them a result they could not obtain from a court.

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